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CrushDye Mottled Backdrops

CrushDye Mottled Backdrops

Whether it’s a solid colour backdrop for portraits or studio photography or chromakey solid backdrops for photography and keying of the subject or beautiful and varied design backdrops to enhance the subject being photographed, to complete visualisation, creating the story and narrating it lucidly, composing the perfect photograph, muslin photography backdrops are the most essential equipment a photographer need after the camera. With it’s versatility of use and application, whether in the studio or outdoor, whether it’s sheet, roll or collapsible studio backdrops, muslin photography backdrops can make or break a photograph. And to find the finest exponents of it, you’ve to look no further, Agraffitti bring you all and the finest.


May 17, 2015


Photography Backdrops